A Project in the works...


Since 2000, Susan, Carie, and Jody have considered the idea of offering workshops for Visibility - a “Road Show" concept. Well in November of 2018 out to dinner celebrating our collective birthdays, we decided it was time to make a commitment to develop a series of talks on how to incorporate more color and style into outfits for any occasion. Starting in January 2019 we have dedicated one day a week to our project, and we are getting ready for our first launch; so exciting. We’re excited about working together - mother and daughters and sisters together, sharing the 20 years of experience accrued, and giving our audience the opportunity to create and enhance their best image!

Our first workshop will be offered at Visibility, 1041 Washington Avenue, Portland on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 6:00 to 7:30 with limited seating. A small group offers an intimate learning environment. We are starting our first workshop at the beginning - “The Courage to Wear Color Boldly!”

Saving our faces...


Intensely hydrating and nutrient cream with a rich, velvety texture. Protects, nourishes and comforts skin that is particularly dehydrated and dry, offering long-lasting hydration.

For the best results use a little bit on a freshly washed face and neck, morning and night. Your skin will begin to feel nourished and fresh giving you a more youthful and energetic look!

Dibi Milano skincare from Italy is the only brand Visibility ever used in 19 years. The ingredients self-adjusts skin hydration in all types of climatic conditions acting directly on the receptors that generate and regulate hydration and nourishment. One of the key ingredients is Hyaluronic acid which is an active ingredient in reducing the aging process.

Mother's Day at Visibility

Mom and Mark 2015

Mom and Mark 2015

Mother’s Day is such an important day for many reasons, but we know the most important reason is to honor the love and appreciation we have for our Mothers whether they are with us in this life or have passed. She’s been there for you from day one … and may have been driving you crazy since day two.

There’s nothing more intense, unique, and loving than the connection between a mom and a child. Whether your relationship is a quick long-distance hello phone call everyday or a local stop by hug, we want to honor your special relationship with a card, a gift, a service, a treat with a Gift Card from Visibility. Once you give Mom your GC from Visibility - we will continue the love and help her look her best!

Adding Color to Your Wardrobe

IMG_3207 (1).JPG

Visibility annually hosts an “Evening of Learning and Shopping” for Maine’s Institute for Family Businesses. The Institute for Family-Owned Business (IFOB) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization committed to supporting, strengthening and empowering family-owned businesses throughout the state of Maine. The IFOB serves family business owners, executives and employees through a wide range of continuing business education programs, networking opportunities and consulting services. The Institute is a comprehensive resource for family-owned business.  

We are members of IFOB as Susan DeMauro and Carie Costello are mother and daughter owners. Carie also attended when husband, Dave Costello, owned the 5th generation Sun Journal. It’s an organization that does so much to promote entrepreneurship and growth in the beautiful State of Maine.

Featured above: Susan DeMauro, Mary Greely Maureen Costello Wedge, Catherine Wygant Fossett, Executive Director, and Carie Costello.

Launching our new website...


Creating a new website is a challenge for any company. There are two audiences to serve - your local community who stops in faithfully to visit and check out Carie’s new purchases or to see what’s on sale! There is the distant community who have gotten to know us after visiting our Shop when we vacationed or came home from away and want to keep in touch like a local! We also didn’t want to change our mission, the services we provide, or the clients we serve. We just wanted a new face lift for the global community, the people we haven’t met yet, and give our regular faithful clients more information and ideas about selecting colors and style for our lives.

Susan reached out to Ellen Greely Braley, Mary’s daughter, who just had a website redo. Visibility always stays in touch with elscards.com to support their business development. This last site she did was fabulous. We loved everything about it - colors, topic flow, ease of use, warmth and harmony - loved it all! So what better compliment is there but to work with elscards.com tech/designer, Erik Silver, from Austin, TX. https://eriksilver.me/ If you are thinking about either developing a website for your new business or updating your present site as we did, I highly recommend contacting Erik Silver. Hands down - nicest guy in Texas!