Launching our new website...


Creating a new website is a challenge for any company. There are two audiences to serve - your local community who stops in faithfully to visit and check out Carie’s new purchases or to see what’s on sale! There is the distant community who have gotten to know us after visiting our Shop when we vacationed or came home from away and want to keep in touch like a local! We also didn’t want to change our mission, the services we provide, or the clients we serve. We just wanted a new face lift for the global community, the people we haven’t met yet, and give our regular faithful clients more information and ideas about selecting colors and style for our lives.

Susan reached out to Ellen Greely Braley, Mary’s daughter, who just had a website redo. Visibility always stays in touch with to support their business development. This last site she did was fabulous. We loved everything about it - colors, topic flow, ease of use, warmth and harmony - loved it all! So what better compliment is there but to work with tech/designer, Erik Silver, from Austin, TX. If you are thinking about either developing a website for your new business or updating your present site as we did, I highly recommend contacting Erik Silver. Hands down - nicest guy in Texas!