Carie Costello, Color & Style Consultant, lives in Falmouth, Maine with her husband, Dave.  Daughter, Caitlin has graduated from Northeastern University and is a Pharmacist with CVS in Boston.  Son, David, is enjoying life at Thomas College and recently earned his Maine Real Estate license.

Carie Costello has used her Master’s Degree in Education and Training for many years in teaching high school students and adults. While raising her family, she pursued an interest in clothing wardrobe style by earning a Certificate as a Clothing Color and Style Consultant. Her consulting business has been successful since 2000.

Carie has helped many people define and enhance their appearance through her informative Clothing and lively Color and Style Consultations. Listening to her clients during the past 17 years, Carie has been able to help her clients create functional, comfortable, and beautiful wardrobes.  She believes in keeping it simple and  dressing the body you have right now.  Many people think you have to wait until you’ve lost weight before you can buy clothes,  but Carie can teach you how to dress to look your absolute best everyday!

Wearing your size in the best colors and styles will make you look taller, thinner, and younger!  Now that’s not just empty words – it’s a promise and guarantee! Carie is a walking example of the way color and style work. Every client can look to Carie as an example of how a busy wife, mother, and working professional can create her best personal image. 


Mary Greely retired from her position as English teacher and Adult Education Director in MSAD 71 in Kennebunk – Kennebunkport, Maine to give her full-time attention to designing and creating jewelry at Visibility. She continues to take jewelry-making classes and does extensive reading and research in jewelry design and materials in her travels throughout the states

Mary is always looking for the latest in materials and trends to keep Visibility jewelry current. One of Mary’s most enjoyable activities is designing and building custom pieces of jewelry for her clients. She thoroughly enjoys creating those wonderful earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to go with special and everyday outfits. She loves the fun and action of jewelry parties and welcomes the opportunity to let new people know all about Visibility.

Mary’s many years as an administrator in Adult Education are an asset as she manages the day-to-day details of Visibility!  She has a bead on each one of us and is your best source for information and securing appointments! Mary enjoys being at the shop every day and is always busy designing some new project!


Susan DeMauro, a computer science professor for over twenty-five years at Great Bay Community College in New Hampshire, planned on her second career in advance. A Certified Esthetician since 2000, her specialty is waxing.  Susan uses the highest quality wax that is virtually painless; her clients rave about her techniques and results.  Susan discovered the quickly noticeable results that leave her clients looking very refreshed!  She calls her service a “mini-face lift!”  Managing facial hair is necessary for any age but especially important as we age.  Why not go to the expert?

Susan’s love of family and friends is reflected in her special spa area. She strives to make every client 100% comfortable. Her knowledge of skin care and youthful skin goes beyond her waxing treatments. She believes in living an active life and nourishing the soul.  There are some days Susan just takes a holiday because she believes that, “some days are simply meant for playing…”  On those days she may spend time with her seven grandchildren or many friends -and sometimes traveling or on the golf course… She always comes back fully energized and ready to care for her clients.


Stuart Taylor is a highly skilled 25-year veteran hairstylist and is proficient in the latest hair style trends and equally comfortable with more traditional, classical styles.  Due to Stuart’s expertise as a hair colorist, he has been recognized since 2006 as a National Board Registered Hair Colorist #555.   Gaining this designation requires successfully completing an intensive course of study featuring the chemistry and science behind hair color.  Stuart is one of 500 nationally recognized hair colorists.

Stuart is willing to experiment or to serve as a consistent and reliable stylist.  Exercising his upbeat personality and unfailingly positive attitude, he is personable and  knowledgeable.  Stuart enjoys working with men and women of all ages. One of his specialties is working with clients to help them discover their own unique styles. He is always looking forward to expanding Visibility’s mission of discovering “your image…your best!”