Wardrobe Style Consultation

Ever wonder what clothes are best for your body style?  What neckline?  What skirt length?  What jacket style?  Eyeglass shape?  Purse size?  The questions just go on and on…. No Matter your age, your size, your shape - you can look your very best by creating a versatile wardrobe collection with beautiful clothes, perfect for you, and head-to-toe outfits!

Working with Carie changed my life, seriously! I never thought about how much black I wore. Once I added color to my wardrobe... wow! Life changer.
— Ellie L, Kennebunk.

Why a Style Consult?

A Visibility Wardrobe Style Consultation takes the guess work out of getting dressed.  Your clothing season greatly influences your clothing personality.  This service is for everyone and is beneficial for both personal and professional development.  At Visibility we recommend a Wardrobe Color Consultation before a Style Consultation. 

You have all the clothes that fit me!
— Lori O from Portland

Head-to-toe knowledge

Learn what your body lines mean – example: straight lines or curved lines or combination of both.

Learn what coat style to wear, what size pocketbook compliments you, and what scale of jewelry enhances your appearance.

Identify your clothing personality, and learn to dress the body you have.

Take the WHY out of so many questions – Why can’t I wear a scoop neck like my sister?   Why can’t I wear the same sunglasses as my friend?  Why does that outfit look so good on her… and not as good on me?

Because of the attention given to me at Visibility - I looked great and felt confident at my class reunion!
— Margaret H. Portland

the power of knowing

Learn to dress your specific figure type and personality in order to enhance your appearance. Make your image your best!

The cost of a Style Consultation is $100 – the results are priceless! PS… you will not be weighed or measured, but learning to dress your figure type and personality will certainly make you look taller and thinner and younger!  Guaranteed!

After a wardrobe color consult the important next step is a style consultation. No matter your size or shape you can look put together easily with wardrobe knowledge and confidence.
— Visibility